About ACE

At ACE we believe all students have the ability to become successful learners. Beginning with an evidence-based education assessment we connect with and support our learners to meet their educational challenges. 


                            ACE Education is based upon:                         

    •  Explicit, Direct & Cumulative Teaching        

    •  The Orton -Gillingham Approach                •  Lucid Recall/ Working Memory Assessment
    •  Multi-Sensory Structured Language            •  Individualised Learning Plans and Reports           Education                                                           

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Diana Kilbride
In mid 2016 I trained in Multi Structured Language Education in Melbourne.  This extended my learning & thinking around the importance of phonological awareness and its significant role in helping children to improve their literacy skills.  Over the next 3 years, I worked privately, using Structured Literacy to teach over 80 students 1-1 ( and in small groups) with literacy challenges.
Previous to this, I worked for 16 years as a primary school teacher in N.Z .  Over this time, there were many occasions where I knew of students in different classrooms, who required a lot of extra support with reading, writing & spelling. However, there never seemed to be enough hours or resources to give them all the help needed.  Hence, my long term goal to eventually work 1-1 with these kind of learners.
Fast forward to today, where I have been excited to set up ACE Education with my South Island business partner.  It has been hugely rewarding seeing the growth in each student's confidence as they work in
1 to 1 sessions, having the space to focus, practice and build on their literacy skills at their own pace. 
On a personal note, my home is a dairy farm on the outskirts of Cambridge where I live with Dave and my 3 teenagers.  In my spare time, I am usually cycling, heading off to boot camp or yoga classes with friends, adventure racing or on the sideline of a local sports field, supporting my kids with their weekend sporting activities.
So please get in touch, even if you have a simple query. 
I look forward to connecting with you and your child sometime in the near future.

Kate Kilbride

In 2017 I trained in Multi Structured Language Education through the Australian Dyslexia Association.  Since then, I have worked with many students with Specific Learning Differences and students who simply require explicit teaching and support or extension with their learning.  I have enjoyed teaching both literacy and maths in Queenstown, Arrowtown, Cromwell and Wanaka.   
Previous to my training, I taught in primary schools throughout New Zealand teaching a variety of ages ranging from new entrants to Year 8.  I have also worked in the private sector for television and in museums.
I have always found the great differences in learning styles and abilities of students  
intriguing.  Learning about the importance
of structured language acquisition, phonological awareness and working memory capabilities has given me a new found passion.  I love seeing the shift in a student's understanding, thinking, skills and confidence. 
Providing strategies for a student to use in their everyday classroom environment is both satisfying and encouraging.  I really enjoy seeing students take a new sense of pride in what they do and what they believe they can achieve.  
Starting ACE Education with Di (my sister-in-law)  has been extremely rewarding and given us the opportunity to do what we both love to do - educate! 
I live in beautiful Wanaka with my husband and three children. Walking, reading, board games and getting outdoors to watch my children play sports fills my recreation time.  
Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries.
021 1248877
027 7566337