Is ACE right for your child ?
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What age group do you teach?

We teach students from age 5 to 18 years (or beyond). 


How long are the sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes. 

Do you liaise with my child's classroom teacher about his/her learning?

With your permission, we can make contact with your child's classroom teacher to share some aspects of the student's learning. You are welcome to share your child's Learning Plan with their teacher.

How do I know my child is making progress?

We give regular verbal feedback​ and a written report at the end of every 20 sessions.

How long will my child be with ACE Education?

This will vary according to each student. After the initial assessment your child's educator may be able to estimate a time frame.  Please contact the educator.  

Do you only teach children with Specific Learning Differences?  

No. We teach any students who need literacy support, including those that have missed fundamental literacy or mathematical skills early in their learning. Also, those students who need confidence building or extension work.

Take a few minutes and send us an email with your questions. Find out if ACE can cater for your child's needs.  

Do you have links with other agencies/experts in the same field of work?

Yes. We have connections with professionals such as SPELD practitioners, RTLB's and Educational Psychologists.

If you need a recommendation - just ask.


Some links are provided on our Interest/Links page.

What about Maths? 

Kate Kilbride is currently the only educator who teaches maths. 

What experience do you have teaching literacy? 

To date, we have taught Structured Literacy privately with more than 150 students 1-1 and in small group settings.  Many of these students have specific learning differences such as dyslexia.  Previous to this, we both have long term experience as primary school teachers in NZ classrooms.

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