Initial Assessment

When we first meet a student, we complete an initial assessment.  

The purpose of this is to identify the literacy or mathematical challenges, memory capabilities and areas of strength in the student's learning. The assessment takes approximately

 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes) to complete and informs our planning and the subsequent teaching focus for the student's lessons.

On completion of the assessment, an Individualised Learning Plan is written and shared with you.



       Multisensory Structured Literacy                


Our teaching sessions involve work with: 

 * Phonemic Awareness         

 * Syllable instruction 

 * Letter sound association   

 * Spelling   

 * Handwriting                         

 * Word recognition

 * Morphology                         

 * Reading fluency 

 * The grammatical structure of words 

   & phrases

 * Rapid recall   

 * Working memory

                                   ($85 per session) 


   Maths sessions

   Our teaching sessions involve work with : 

        * Language of Maths

        * Basic facts         

 * Subitising 

 * Part numbers (decimals, fractions,            percentages, ratios)    

 * Algebra 

 * Algorithms                          

 * Measurement

 * Geometry                         

 * Statistics  

 * Understanding mathematical terms 

 * Exam practice   

 * Rapid recall   

 * Working memory

                                    ($85 per session) 


My daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons with Diana. We have found Diana to be skillful, kind , encouraging and shows attention to detail. We would highly recommend her.

Parent of Year 3 student, Cambridge

The minute my son started with Diana, his class teacher was impressed by how much my son was suddenly improving and that's just in 2 months since we've been doing this. I can't wait to see my son grow more. He is a much happier kid in school as he isn't embarrassed any more. Best decision we made. 

Parent of Year 3 student, Cambridge



​After 10 sessions you are welcome to come along to your child's session for a verbal update on progress.  Alternatively, you will receive a short written update in relation to the Initial Learning Plan.  

After 20 sessions (or near) you will receive a report via email informing you of your child's progress.

Should you have any questions regarding an update or report, please contact your child's educator.  

Term Dates

ACE Education operates within the school terms.  There are no sessions in school holidays unless requested.


Please give a days notice if your child will be absent from a session (to avoid being charged for a missed session).


If your child is sick, please contact us by email or phone by 8 am on the day of sickness. The lesson will then be replaced.


If you'd like us to send reminders to yourself or your child re session times, please let us know.

Time Away

If you are off on holiday and your child is going to be absent for a prolonged period, please let us know and we will do our best to make things work for you.

Kate teaches both our children every week.  I feel very lucky to have her.  She has a wonderful way of getting their learning across, they actually enjoy it!  Which is not always the case at school, somehow she manages to keep them engaged and have fun!  I have seen a massive difference with not only their capabilities but their overall self-esteem. 

Thank you so much Kate!

Cromwell Parent of two Ace students

Call to discuss your child's needs: 

Diana: 021 1248877

Kate: 027 7566337